Thematic scope:

1. MACH TOOL - Machines and Tools
1.1. Machine tools for machining of metals
1.1.1. Machine tools for machining of metals
1.1.2. Automatic lathes
1.1.3. Drilling machines
1.1.4. Boring machines
1.1.5. Milling machines
1.1.6. Cutting-off machines
1.1.7. Planing machines
1.1.8. Broaching and push broaching machines
1.1.9. Gear cutting and finishing machines
1.1.10. Screwing and threading machines
1.1.11. General-purpose grinding machines
1.1.12. Tool grinding machines
1.1.13. Machines for finishing of processed object surfaces
1.1.14. Deburring machines
1.1.15. Machining centres
1.1.16. Flexible manufacturing cells and systems
1.1.17. Transfer machines and unit heads
1.1.18. Machines and device for erosive machining
1.1.19. Spindles and electric spindles
1.1.20. Software for the machine building industry
1.2. Machines for cold working
1.2.1. Presses of typical structural solutions
1.2.2. Atypical presses
1.2.3. Other machines for cold working
1.2.4. Specialist production machines and devices
1.2.5. Machines and devices for non-welding metal cutting andbonding techniques
1.3. Machines and devices for hot working
1.3.1. Machines and devices for forging
1.3.2. Forging furnaces fired with solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas
1.4. Rolling mill practice
1.4.1. Rolling mills for hot rolling operation
1.4.2. Rolling mills for cold rolling operation
1.5. Tools
1.5.1. Tooling systems
1.5.2. Workholdings
1.5.3. Cutting Tools
1.5.4. Tools and materials for micro-machining
1.5.5. Tools used in forging
1.5.6. Tools used in rolling mill and drawing mill practice
1.5.7. Tools used in press-forming
1.5.8. Devices used in burnishing surface treatment
1.5.9. Tools for manual work
1.5.10. Tools for thermal machining
1.6. Workshop and laboratory measuring devices
1.6.1. Length and angle standards
1.6.2. Limit gauges: fixed, indicators, control and segregating automatons
1.6.3. Mechanical and electronic measuring tools and devices
1.6.4. Devices for measurement of curved contours
1.6.5. Measuring microscopes
1.6.6. Devices for measurement of surface roughness
1.6.7. General-purpose computer-controlled coordinate and multiaxial measuring machines
1.6.8. Gear wheels
1.6.9. Machines and devices for measurement of gear wheels, cooperation of gear boxes
1.6.10. Profile Projectors
1.6.11. Measuring Robots
1.6.12. Laser measuring equipment
1.6.13. Hardness testers: portale, stationary
1.6.14. Measuring instruments
1.6.15. Material stength testing machines
1.6.16. Other measuring instruments and equipment
1.7. Assembly machines and devices
1.7.1. Sets for mechanizing and automation of assembly operations
1.7.2. Assembly automatons
1.7.3. Modular assembly systems
1.7.4. Complete assembly stations and lines
1.7.5. Auxiliary technical devices
1.8. Industrial manipulators and robots
1.8.1. Manipulators
1.8.2. Industrial robots
1.8.3. Equipment and fittings for manipulators and robots
1.8.4. Parts and subassemblies
1.9. Units and elements for drive transfer in machines
1.9.1. Mechanical drives
1.9.2. Mechanical couplings
1.9.3. General purpose fluid couplings and for working machines
1.9.4. Controlled brakes
1.9.5. Rolling elements
1.9.6. Sliding units and elements
1.9.7. Casings for roller and slide bearings
1.9.8. Axles and shafts
1.9.9. Pneumatic energy generators - piston air compressors
1.9.10. Pneumatic energy receivers: pneumatic rotary, to-and-fro and to-and-rotary engines
1.9.11. Pneumatic separators and valves
1.9.12. Pneumatic weight and spring accumulators
1.9.13. Low-pressure flexible hoses
1.9.14. Elements of low-pressure pipelines
1.9.15. Air filters
1.9.16. Acoustic dampers
1.9.17. Pneumatic logic systems
1.9.18. Pneumatic-hydraulic amplifiers
1.9.19. Air coolers
1.9.20. Central lubrication systems for machines
1.9.21. Standardised fastening elements
1.9.22. Spring connections
1.9.23. Technical sealing’s in construction of machines and devices
1.10. Device and materials for rapid technologies
1.11. Cooling and lubricant substances
1.12. Standard machine elements
1.13. Balancing machines: manual, semiautomatic and automatic
1.14. Maintenance
1.15. Hydraulics, pneumatics, drives
1.15.1. Pumps
1.15.2. Industrial fittings, elements and units
1.15.3. Drives and controls for pumps and industrial fittings, elements and units
1.15.4. Sealings for pumps and industrial fittings
1.15.5. Accessories
1.15.6. Compressed air
1.15.7. Electric machines and devices and their elements
1.15.8. Conduits and connectors
1.15.9. Steering and control
1.15.10. Accessories for automatic systems and their elements
1.15.11. Analogue and digital technology
1.16. Other specialist machines and devices