Thematic scope:

3. SURFEX - Surface Treatment Technology
3.1. Cleaning and preliminary treatment of metal surfaces
3.1.1. Devices for surface cleaning and preliminary treatment
3.1.2. Auxiliary materials for surface clearing and preliminary treatment
3.2. Heat and thermochemical surface treatment of metal products 
3.2.1. Coating materials, coatings and auxiliary materials
3.2.2. Devices for deep heat treatment of metal Products and for thermochemical surface treatment
3.2.3. Techniques used in heat and thermochemical surface treatment
3.3. Electroplating
3.3.1. Electrolytic coatings
3.3.2. Chemicals for electrolytic technique
3.3.4. Devices for electrolytic technique
3.3.4. Chemical and electrolytic systems for electrolytic technology
3.4. Lacquering, enamelling and applying plastic and rubber coating layers
3.4.1. Coatings and coatings materials
3.4.2. Devices and equipment for applying coatings layers
3.4.3. Equipment and devices providing materials and auxiliaries
3.4.4. Devices for sucking off, separating and recovering coating materials and solvents
3.4.5. Drying installations and devices
3.5. Finishing surface treatment
3.5.1. Accessories and auxiliary equipment
3.5.2. Devices for finishing treatment
3.6. Other devices used in surface treatment
3.6.1. Heat exchangers
3.6.2. Cooling machines and devices
3.6.3. Ventilation systems
3.6.4. Equipment and devices for shot peening
3.7. Complete stands and processing lines used in surface treatment
3.8. Computer aided systems in surface treatment
3.9. Measuring and monitoring devices, research equipment
3.10. Environment protection