Thematic scope:

4. WELDING - Welding and Cutting
4.1. Devices for submerged arc welding and weld surfacing
4.2. Accessories for submerged arc welding
4.3. Plasma welding, surfacing and cutting machines
4.4. Laser cutting and welding machines
4.5. Waterjet cutting machines
4.6. Industrial robots and automates, specialized welding stations
4.7. Mechanization and automation means for welding technology
4.8. Electron beam welding stations
4.9. Devices for gas welding and cutting
4.10. Devices for metal spraying
4.11. Welders and welding mandrel machines
4.12. Refrigerations and radiators
4.13. Stations, devices and accessories for brazing and soldering
4.14. Welding stations equipment
4.15. Stand and individual protection means
4.16. Plastic welding equipment
4.17. Inspection equipment  for welded joints
4.18. Inspection and parameters registration equipment  for welding
4.19. Machines and devices for heat treatment
4.20. Machines and systems for weld preparation
4.21. Another equipment and manufacturing processes
4.22. Welding consumables and materials
4.23. Welding gases and shielding mixtures
4.24. Soldering and brazing consumables and materials
4.25. Welding fluxes
4.26. Surface treatment materials
4.27. Safety and environmental protection equipment
4.28. Another materials
4.29. Software for welding