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Thematic scope


1. Machine tools and tools
1.1. Machine tools for the removal of metals
1.1.1. Machine tools for the removal of metals
1.1.2. Automatic lathes
1.1.3. drills
1.1.4. Boring machines
1.1.5. milling machines
1.1.6. cutters
1.1.7. Planers
1.1.8. Broaching and pushing machines
1.1.9. Machines for machining and finishing gears
1.1.10. Machine tools for internal and external threads
1.1.11. General purpose grinders
1.1.12. Tool grinders
1.1.13. Machines for finishing (surface) workpieces
1.1.14. Deburring machines
1.1.15. Machining centers
1.1.16. Flexible sockets and production systems
1.1.17. Multi-station machine tools and machining units
1.1.18. Machines and devices for erosion treatment
1.1.19. Spindles and electrospindles
1.1.20. Software for the needs of the machine industry
1.2. Cold forming machines
1.2.1. Presses of typical construction solutions
1.2.2. Non-standard presses
1.2.3. Other types of cold forming machines
1.2.4. Specialized machines and production equipment
1.2.5. Machines and devices for non-welding metal cutting and joining techniques
1.3. Machines and devices for hot forming processes
1.3.1. Machines and devices for forging
1.3.2. Forging furnaces for solid, liquid and gas fuels
1.4. Rolling
1.4.1. Hot rolling mills
1.4.2. Cold rolling mills
1.5. Tools
1.5.1. Tooling systems
1.5.2. Machining fixtures
1.5.3. Cutting tools
1.5.4. Tools and materials for fine machining (micro machining)
1.5.5. Tools used in forging
1.5.6. Tools used in rolling and drawing
1.5.7. Tools used in stamping
1.5.8. Burnishing devices and tools
1.5.9. Handwork tools
1.5.10. Heat treatment tools
1.6. Workshop and laboratory measuring means
1.6.1. Length and angle patterns
1.6.2. Limit gauges: fixed gauges, indicator gauges, control and sorting machines
1.6.3. Mechanical and electronic tools and measuring instruments
1.6.4. Devices for measuring curvilinear contours
1.6.5. Measuring microscopes
1.6.6. Surface roughness measuring devices
1.6.7. Universal coordinate and multi-axis measuring machines controlled by computer
1.6.8. Gears
1.6.9. Machines and devices for measuring: gears, cooperation of gears
1.6.10. Profile Projects
1.6.11. Measuring Robots
1.6.12. Laser measuring devices
1.6.13. Hardness testers: portable, stationary
1.6.14. Measuring tools
1.6.15. Laboratory machines for testing the strength of materials
1.6.16. Other measuring instruments and devices
1.7. Assembly machines and devices
1.7.1. Teams for mechanization and automation of assembly activities
1.7.2. Assembly machines
1.7.3. Modular assembly systems
1.7.4. Complete stations and assembly lines
1.7.5. Auxiliary technical devices
1.8. Manipulators and industrial robots
1.8.1. Manipulators
1.8.2. Industrial robots
1.8.3. Equipment and accessories for manipulators and robots
1.8.4. Parts and assemblies
1.9. Assemblies and elements for transmission of drive in machines
1.9.1. Mechanical drives
1.9.2. Mechanical clutches
1.9.3. General purpose fluid couplings and working machines
1.9.4. Controlled brakes
1.9.5. rolling elements
1.9.6. Assemblies and sliding elements
1.9.7. Housings for rolling bearings and plain bearings
1.9.8. Axles and shafts
1.9.9. Pneumatic energy generators - piston air compressors
1.9.10. Pneumatic energy receivers: pneumatic motors with rotary motion, with reciprocating motion, with reciprocating motion
1.9.11. Manifolds and pneumatic valves
1.9.12. Truck and spring pneumatic accumulators
1.9.13. Low pressure flexible hoses
1.9.14. Elements of low-pressure tubular lines
1.9.15. Air filters
1.9.16. Acoustic silencers
1.9.17. Pneumatic logic systems
1.9.18. Pneumatic-hydraulic amplifiers
1.9.19. Air coolers
1.9.20. Central lubrication systems for machines
1.9.21. Connected parts standardized
1.9.22. Spring connections
1.9.23. Technical seals in the construction of machines and devices
1.10. Devices and materials for rapid technology
1.11. Coolants and lubricants
1.12. Standard machine elements
1.13. Balancing machines: manual, semi-automatic and automatic
1.14. Maintenance
1.15. Hydraulics, pneumatics, drives
1.15.1. Pumps
1.15.2. Industrial fittings, components and assemblies
1.15.3. Drives and controls for pumps and industrial fittings, components and assemblies
1.15.4. Seals for industrial pumps and fittings
1.15.5. Equipment
1.15.6. Compressed air
1.15.7. Electrical machines and devices and their components
1.15.8. Wires and connectors
1.15.9. Control and control
1.15.10. Accessories of automation systems and their elements
1.15.11. Analog and digital technology
1.16. Other specialized machines and devices
2. Metallurgy, Metallurgy, Foundry and Metal Industry
2.1. Metallurgical raw materials
2.1.1. Ores and concentrates
2.1.2. scrap
2.1.3. Metal waste in production processes
2.1.4. Metallurgical slags and their products
2.2. Machines and devices for metallurgy and metallurgy
2.2.1. Metal melting furnaces
2.2.2. Annealing furnaces
2.2.3. Equipment for secondary metallurgy
2.2.4. Foundry and metallurgical ladles
2.2.5. Ingot molds
2.2.6. Machines and equipment for powder metallurgy
2.2.7. Machines and devices for metallurgy
2.3. Products of metallurgy and foundry
2.3.1. wires
2.3.2. Pipes
2.3.3. Rods
2.3.4. sheets
2.3.5. Castings
2.3.6. profiles
2.3.7. Constructions
2.3.8. Forged products
2.3.9. Metal fittings
2.3.10. Other metallurgical products
2.3.11. Metal packaging
2.3.12. Metal fasteners
2.4. Professional software
3. Surface Treatment Technologies
3.1. Cleaning and preliminary preparation of metal surfaces
3.1.1. Devices for cleaning and preliminary surface preparation
3.1.2. Auxiliaries for cleaning and preliminary surface preparation
3.2. Thermal and thermo-chemical surface treatment of metal products
3.2.1. Coatings, coating materials and auxiliaries
3.2.2. Devices for deep heat treatment of metal products and thermo-chemical surface treatment
3.2.3. Technologies used in thermal and thermo-chemical surface treatment
3.3. Plating
3.3.1. Galvanic coatings
3.3.2. Chemicals for electroplating technique
3.3.3. Devices for galvanic technique
3.3.4. Systems for chemical and electrolytic processes in galvanic technology
3.4. Varnishing, enamelling and applying plastic and rubber layers
3.4.1. Coatings and coating materials
3.4.2. Coating equipment and equipment
3.4.3. Equipment and devices for the supply of materials and aids
3.4.4. Devices for suction, separation and recovery of coating materials and solvents
3.4.5. Dehumidification devices and installations
3.5. Surface finishing
3.5.1. Accessories and aids
3.5.2. Finishing equipment
3.6. Other devices used in surface treatment
3.6.1. Heat exchangers
3.6.2. Cooling machines and devices
3.6.3. Ventilation systems
3.6.4. Equipment and devices for peening processes
3.7. Complete stations and technological lines used in surface treatment
3.8. Computer aided systems in surface treatment
3.9. Measuring and control devices and research apparatus
3.10. Environmental Protection
4. Welding and Cutting
4.1. Equipment for welding and arc surfacing
4.2. Arc welding equipment
4.3. Equipment for welding, surfacing and plasma cutting
4.4. Laser cutting and welding equipment
4.5. Water jet cutting equipment
4.6. Industrial robots and automatic machines, specialized positions
4.7. Devices for mechanization and automation of welding works
4.8. Electron welding stations
4.9. Devices and equipment for gas welding and cutting
4.10. Equipment for spray metallization
4.11. Welders and stud welding devices
4.12. Chillers and chillers
4.13. Stands, devices and accessories for soldering
4.14. Welding station equipment
4.15. Workplace and individual protection measures
4.16. Plastic welding equipment
4.17. Devices for inspection of welded joints
4.18. Devices for controlling and recording welding and welding parameters
4.19. Devices and equipment for heat treatment
4.20. Devices for preparing elements for welding
4.21. Other production equipment and processes
4.22. Welding consumables
4.23. Welding gases and mixtures
4.24. Soldering materials
4.25. fluxes
4.26. Surface treatment materials
4.27. Safety and environmental protection
4.28. Other materials
4.29. Welding software
5. Printing and 3D scanning
5.1. 3D printers
5.2. 3D scanners
5.3. 3D printing and scanning services
5.4. Virtualization of technological processes
Machine Tools
Hydraulic, pneumatic and drives
Metallurgy, foundry, engineering and metal industry
Surface treatment technologies
Logistics and transport