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A recipe for the success of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022


A kaleidoscope of new solutions for industry, additive technologies, discussion panels, robotisation workshops, as well as spectacular shows and product premieres – all this awaits those who are thirsty for current trends in the industry at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. The event, which is the most important meeting of industry leaders in this part of Europe, will last four days from 31 May to 3 June. The programme promises to be impressive and some exhibitors have already revealed what they will show at their stands.

ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE returns to the tradition of meeting in a warm, June atmosphere, as well as to the impressive size of the exhibition, which in this edition will take up a total of five halls.

 We feel this incredible energy and the state of waiting for the fair. New exhibitors are constantly joining the group of exhibitors. We expect over four hundred companies both from Poland and abroad. If we add a rich programme of accompanying events, we have a ready recipe for a well-spent time for everyone interested in innovation in the industry – says Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE.

Additive technologies

At the initiative of exhibitors and partners associated with the 3D SOLUTIONS trade fair, the entire exhibition of additive technologies has been transferred to the flagship offer of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE this year. As in previous years, visitors will have at their disposal, among others, presentations of 3D printers, prints, 3D scanners, consultations and the opportunity to learn about new trends ‘live’. Those interested in the potential of additive technologies will be able to see new products in this field at the ITM Industry Europe exhibition. Visitors will not only see product launches at the stands, but also special shows.

The industry is increasingly recognising the benefits of using 3D printing in its activities. Additive technologies, like 3D scanners, have become an inseparable element of equipment of both small design offices and large factories.

Some ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibitors already use 3D scanning and printing technologies in their production plants. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to obtain a spare part in a much shorter time than with traditional methods. Technologies, materials and systems are tailored to specific production needs. The pandemic and problems with the supply chain accelerated this process. 3D printing has become an alternative that allows you to produce individual elements directly in factories. Listening to the voices of the industry, this year we have decided to connect the exhibition presented so far in a separate space of 3D Solutions with the industry. Therefore, this year, additive technologies will be a very important part of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibition  – adds Anna Lemańska-Kramer.

During the fair, not only an exhibition of companies from the 3D printing industry has been planned, but also an interesting programme of events and shows related to additive technologies.

3d printing trends

Andrzej Burgs, CEO and President of the Management Board of SYGNIS SA, one of the few New Connect companies that use additive technologies to accelerate innovative projects in the deeptech sector, will talk about the present and the future of 3D printing. During the SYGNIS SA lecture, the topics of the most promising trends in the use of 3D printing in the development of new hardware technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology and energy will be discussed. Panel entitled: ‘Additive techniques in the service of humanity. How to achieve breakthrough research results in various fields of science faster?’ will be organised during the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair on 1 June at 11.00.

Premiere scanning

During the ITM Industry Europe fair, SMARTTECH will premiere the latest solution for comprehensive quality control of large-size objects – SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry. This is the first such show in Poland and four days of unforgettable impressions.

The presented solution is a portable coordinate measuring system based on the analysis of digital photos. It creates a three-dimensional map of markers placed on the object. This map can be used directly for quality control processes or associated with optical measurement.  Thanks to full integration with SMARTTECH3D scanners, the system allows you to scan key elements of large-size objects with high accuracy in the same coordinate system. This gives the possibility of comprehensive quality control of the entire large-size object (marker map) and a detailed analysis of the selected fragment (3D scan).

 – The inclusion of photogrammetry in the 3D scanning process allows you to combine high-resolution scanning with general quality control of dimensions, while reducing the time of data acquisition. The overall model is obtained in the form of a marker map, focusing on the critical parts of the object, creating high-resolution 3D scans. Thanks to this approach, we save up to 60% of time during dimensional control, and thus we reduce costs and increase work efficiency – emphasises Anna Gębarska, Managing Director of SMARTTECH.

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure with an active photogrammetry module guarantees full integration of all processes using one software. The shows will be held for four days of the fair.

A racing car not only for Kubica

This edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE will certainly abound in unforgettable experiences. One of them will be taken care of by ITA which is preparing a unique show of scanning a racing car using Creaform 3D laser scanners, showing the process of data acquisition and processing for the purposes of reverse engineering. As ITA experts argue, this year the company placed special emphasis on presenting the benefits of implementing automated solutions.

We will familiarise fair participants with the latest trends in industrial metrology and measurement automation. We will also show the latest achievements in modern tool systems. This year we placed special emphasis on presenting the benefits of implementing automated solutions – as we read in the ITA release.

In addition to the racing car, the exhibitor will also show the integration of the Meca500 precision industrial robot and automated measurement with the use of the multi-sensor Gocator laser sensor system by LMI.

Time of digital twins and robots

Digital twin – still a vision or reality?, A forecast of directions for the development of robotisation in Poland, Methods of financing the robotisation process of the enterprise – these were the topics of the panel organised on 2 June by DBR77 on the Industry Next Stage. In addition to a dose of theoretical knowledge, there will also be practical workshops prepared by DBR77 experts. They will raise two important topics that are in line with the current trends in enterprise automation. During the first of them, entitled: ‘Tax credit for robotisation’, participants will learn about the process of obtaining such a tax credit, and learn about the benefits and methods of calculating it. In turn, the next workshop entitled: ‘Analysis of the profitability of investments in robotisation’ is intended for all people and companies (production and integration) who want to learn the both financial and operational methods and tools for robotisation investments.

In addition, DBR77, based on virtual models of leading robot suppliers and production plant equipment, which are DBR77 Partners, will create a unique space at the fair this year – a virtual plant zone – ‘Future is now. Virtual production plant by DBR77’. Each participant will be able to see closely and learn about processes such as sorting, packing, pick & place, assembly and palletisation exactly as if they were in a production plant.

The entire hall was designed in Studio 3D, the proprietary online tool of the DBR77 Robot Platform, which uses technology designed to create the best computer games.

The exhibitors reveal their plans

What will we see at the fair? How will the exhibitors surprise us? – these are the questions most frequently asked by ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE guests. Every year, companies raise the bar higher and higher. Not all of them show their cards before the fair, but some of them already reveal their plans of activity.

The presence of COMARCH at the fair is not only an opportunity to get acquainted with the sales offer of Industry 4.0 solutions, but also a chance to learn the real value of their implementation. The effectiveness of the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions has been supported by successful implementations by existing customers. – At ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, we will share the backstage of implementations, but also conduct individual talks with interested persons. During your visit at our booth, you will have the opportunity to see a demo of the Industry 4.0 and Asset Tracking applications, and learn about the estimated costs of introducing such changes in your companies. We will present how we operate and how we can introduce business step by step towards Industry 4.0. – announces Sebastian Gleń, Comarch IoT Business Development Manager.

On the first day of the fair, Comarch experts will take part in lectures on the Industry Trends Scene located in Hall 3. They will present effective ways to digitise production companies.

In turn, ARCO, which is a distributor of renowned and respected manufacturers of metalworking tools, will be present at the ITM trade fair as a representative of world-famous companies: Hainbuch, Lehmann, HEULE, WTO, HWR, BILZ, Diatec, H. Bilz, UC Tools. Each of them has marked its position on the market thanks to the uncompromising quality of the offered products.

The current market trends focus on the highest possible maintenance-free operation. We automate the processes, counting on the fact that the production cycle will require only minor corrections from time to time. These trends have been cultivated for many years by our partners who focus on the long-term repeatability of the desired features of their products. This gives us confidence that automation can actually be maintenance-free – says Joanna Rudenko from ARCO.

The company DESPOL TECHNIKI MONTAŻOWE Sp. z o.o. will present the latest solutions and devices in the field of assembly technologies and intelligent automation systems live.

We follow global trends and support our clients in implementing the idea of an intelligent plant. Our stand will include, among others: a 6-axis robot with an automatic screw feeder, a device for testing electric brakes in electric motors using DC keys and proprietary software, as well as automatic bolt and screw feeders for manual and automatic work, DC electric screwdrivers with a strain gauge force transducer in cable and battery design, as well as reaction arms with a position detection system or laser markers. Our qualified and experienced engineering team will be delighted to present the operation and discuss any technical issues. – announces Maciej Jaworski, President of the Management Board of Despol Techniki Montażowe Sp. z o. o.

MATRIX MACHINE TOOL  (Coventry) Ltd, UK, will present examples of thread and gear grinding machines. The company has over 100 years of experience in the construction of precision CNC machines and devices operating all over the world.

Fair participants will also be able to see the offer of S.T.M. Systemy i Technologie Mechaniczne whose stand will feature, among others, XEBEC deburring tools, BRM Brush Research Manufacturing smoothing tools, BRIGHETTI MECCANICA and REV TOOLS contouring tools, as well as YAMATO burners, IOSS scanners and surface marking products.

We will present a sample of the capabilities of one of the leading brands of BORRIES marking machines. Guests will also be able to see ADVANEX products for thread reinforcement or nut protection against unscrewing, MICHIGAN edge deburring machines, European CAMS metal slotters, POLLEDRI folding cutters and REX-CUT abrasive tools. We also have interesting equipment for production automation, such as drive spindles for MANNESMANN DEMAG robots or specialised devices, and many tools used, among others, in the defence, aviation and automotive industries. An interesting range of our offer are PAMA large-size machining centres used, among others, in the defence, energy, aviation and machinery sectors – reveals details Adam Paczuski, Commercial Director of S.T.M.

In turn, VISIMIND will present at the fair – Velodyne multi-beam laser scanners for intralogistics, a new Velarray directional scanner for robotics and autonomous transport, as well as a software solution called ‘Vella Development Kit’ for remote sensing and classification of objects in motion.

Automation has been a dominant trend in modern companies in the industrial sector for a long time, which is also part of the METAL TEAM offer. – During this year's edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, we focus on the automation of machining processes. Creating innovative solutions in the field of automation is one of the directions of our activity that we have been successfully implementing for many years. This year we will present our two proprietary REXIO loading systems. For the first time in Poland, we will present the Miyano ANX 42SYY automatic lathe with the innovative LFV chip breaking technology, two turrets equipped with Y axes and the possibility of simultaneous work with 4 tools on both heads. The second novelty on the Polish market is the Citizen Cincom L20 XII ATC longitudinal automatic machine equipped with an automatic tool changer with a B axis. This machine guarantees the versatility of the turning centre combined with the speed of the longitudinal machine –  says Andrzej Janicki, president of METAL TEAM.

When machining metals, a key factor that allows you to fully use the capabilities of the tools is the correct calculation of the parameters of the cutting process. Fair participants who want to learn from the industry leader can take part in the SANDVIK COROMANT lecture on the Industry Trends Stage. On 1 June 1 at 12.30, experts will introduce the topic: ‘Sustainable metal machining: for the benefit of people, the planet and profit’.


The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair will be held from 31 May to 3 June 2022 on the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit at the same time the exhibition of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair and the Focast Foundry Forum. The fair will also be accompanied by a two-day INDUSTRY NEXT Congress (31 May – 1 June 2022).