SAVE THE DATE: 4-7.06.2024🔥📣🔥📣  


Additive technologies at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE


At the initiative of exhibitors and partners associated with the 3D SOLUTIONS trade fair, the entire exhibition of additive technologies has been transferred to the flagship offer of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE. As in previous years, visitors will have at their disposal, among others, presentations of 3D printers, prints, 3D scanners, consultations and the opportunity to learn about new trends ‘live’.

Those interested in the potential of additive technologies will be able to see new products in this field at the ITM Industry Europe exhibition. Visitors will not only see product launches at the stands, but also special shows.

The industry is increasingly recognising the benefits of using 3D printing in its activities. Additive technologies, like 3D scanners, have become an inseparable element of equipment of both small design offices and large factories.

− Some ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibitors already use 3D scanning and printing technologies in their production plants. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to obtain a spare part in a much shorter time than with traditional methods. Technologies, materials and systems are tailored to specific production needs. The pandemic and problems with the supply chain accelerated this process. 3D printing has become an alternative that allows you to produce individual elements directly in factories. Listening to the voices of the industry, this year we have decided to connect the exhibition presented so far in a separate space of 3D Solutions with the industry. Therefore, this year, additive technologies will be a very important part of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibition. Everyone interested in 3D printing is invited to Poznań! − says Anna Lemańska-Kramer, Director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE.

During the fair, not only an exhibition of companies from the 3D printing industry has been planned, but also an interesting programme of events and shows related to additive technologies.

Thematic scope of the 3D printing exhibition at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair:

3D printers

3D scanners

3D printing and scanning services

Virtualisation of technological processes