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Expansion of innovation leaders


This is what everyone interested in new technologies in industry is waiting for. The list of exhibitors is one thing, but curiosity about what leading companies will show at their stands accompanies visitors until the opening of the trade fair halls. The next edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE will feature global brands with offers that set the highest standards in this industry. Some companies already have clearly defined plans for their activities at the June fair in Poznań.

This year, you need to reserve enough time to visit the exhibition of the industrial fair block. As much as it takes to get acquainted with the offer gathered in as many as ten MTP Poznań Expo halls. The next edition (4-7 June 2024) will be even more interactive, full of special shows, working machines and robots.

– This year, we are implementing the idea of a special Zone with new technologies in the field of process optimisation in industry. It is here, surrounded by innovative equipment, that you will be able to check how to increase your operational efficiency, improve the quality and precision of individual processes and evaluate solutions in the field of automation, robotics, pneumatics and system integration. In this space, visitors will also see collaborative robots from various manufacturers. Such modern solutions for the factories of the future will also be present on the largest Tech Stage in Poland, which we are preparing together with DBR77. Speaking of shows, I encourage you to familiarise yourself with the offer presented at the Surface Treatment Exhibition. Nearly forty key companies in this sector have already confirmed their participation. Of course, people come to the ITM fair to see the machine halls, so we are even more pleased that so many exhibitors have declared their participation in this edition. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programe based on expert presentations taking into account the direction of changes in which modern industry is heading – announces Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair.


The upcoming edition is also a special moment of implementation of a new project, the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2024 Fair Ambassador. It is the undisputed industry leader who, through its activities, promotes the idea of the trade fair in order to increase their recognition and popularity. Through its activity, it encourages partners and customers to learn more about this event. This year, the title of Ambassador was awarded to the following companies: GF Machining Solutions and Eagle Lasers. – We hope that this new concept will be warmly welcomed by both exhibitors and visitors, and that the group of Ambassadors will gradually expand – adds Anna Lemańska-Kramer.

Eagle Lasers is preparing spectacular shows

ITM Europe Industry is the next stop on the route of one of the fair’s Ambassadors – Eagle Lasers Metal Tour 2024, during which Eagle Lasers iNspire 30kW machines travel to the most important industry events around the world to present the latest technological achievements. – Our presence at the fair is not only an opportunity to establish new business contacts, but also to maintain existing relationships with customers who use our solutions. We can boast about our solutions in the field of sheet metal processing, and our customers can see live innovative implementations and new products in the field of cutting processes, as well as their management – comments Marcin Czajor, Head of Sales for Poland.

During the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, Eagle guests will have the opportunity to learn about the latest achievements in the field of fiber laser cutting machines and automation solutions. A wide range of information materials, such as cutting videos, animations, literature and material samples, will allow those interested to learn more about the Eagle Lasers technology. There will be live cutting demonstrations, as well as shows planned and arranged in thematic blocks, taking into account the thickness and types of materials. This will provide fair guests with a unique opportunity to learn about technologies precisely tailored to their needs. Eagle experts will also be active in conferences accompanying ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, which will be an additional opportunity for participants to obtain expert knowledge and exchange experiences with the best in the industry.

Live machining at the GF Machining Solutions stand

 – We are happy to accept the prestigious title of Ambassador of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2024 Fair! For us, this is a confirmation of our long-term commitment to the development and promotion of this unique event – says Marcin Tarasiuk, Head of Sales, GF Machining Solutions. There will be demonstrations of two processing technologies at the fair Ambassador’s stand. One of them will be machining, which will be presented on the example of the Mikron MILL E 700U 5-axis milling centre, dedicated, among others, to the aviation, medical and automotive industries. This advanced machine tool is equipped with a 60-position tool magazine, Heidenhain TNC 640 control and optical scales, ensuring high precision and efficiency of production. This milling machine, thanks to torque motors in the tilt-rotary table drive system, ensures dynamic machining, and its efficiency is supported by the Step-Tec spindle, reaching a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm in just 2.5 seconds. GF Machining Solutions guests will also see wire EDM demonstrations based on the example of AgieCharmilles CUT F 600 with the latest UNIQUA control. The heart of this drilling machine is the IPG generator, which enables control of spark parameters at all stages of production. It automatically adjusts machining parameters during rough and finishing cutting. In addition to live machining presentations, at the company’s stand you will be able to see details produced on the most popular models of GF machine tools. In addition, people interested in automation systems will have the opportunity to see the wide range of products from System 3R, as well as our offer of certified consumables and service packages.

New products from TRUMPF Polska

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair could not do without one of the undisputed leaders of the industrial sector – TRUMPF Polska. As the crew announces, they are looking forward to the next edition of this event – to hear about the latest trends in the metal industry, such as: solutions in the field of automation of production processes – a panacea for the shortage of qualified staff, as well as increasing the profitability of production, or the possibilities of using AI in the industry – technology that is taking the 21st century by storm. Digitisation in industry is gaining momentum, TRUMPF Polska notices this trend and follows it. This year, the exhibitor will present mainly laser machines during the fair: an extremely efficient TruLaser 5030 2D fibre cutter with a 24 kW resonator, TruMark Station 7000 3D laser marking station, TruLaser Station 7000 laser welding station, in which a green light beam laser is used for the first time. TLS is designed for high-quality copper welding with minimal spatter. At the TRUMPF Polska stand you will also be able to see the ergonomic TruBend 7050 brake press. There will also be solutions for effective factory management: SmartFactory for everyone or Oseon software enabling production networking and connecting all machines in the factory (including those from other manufacturers).

Breakthrough technologies at the AMADA stand

During this year’s edition of the ITM Industry Europe fair, AMADA will present the latest Amada laser cutting machine – Ventis AJe with a 6 kW fiber resonator. The device allows you to obtain a very high beam quality, which is necessary to obtain the best cutting results. The Ventis AJe 6kW laser cutting machine uses AMADA’s groundbreaking Locus Beam Control (LBC) technology to provide a flexible solution that is tailored to any laser cutting need. The new cutter with the Amada resonator with a single diode module was designed for high speed and efficiency of the cutting process. LBC technology allows the laser beam to move in predetermined patterns regardless of the movement of the laser cutting head, ensuring optimal material removal. This technology can also be used to cut small round holes without moving the laser cutting head, allowing for much faster processing. During tests – cutting 100 holes with a diameter of 1.5 mm – time savings of 70% were achieved.

An undoubted advantage is the modular design of AMADA’s automation solutions. Both autonomous processes – such as monitoring the protective glass, lens, shape and technical condition of the nozzle, centricity of the laser beam – and automatic resumption of processing after a head collision are performed without operator participation ensuring reliable operation of the machine. Among the new features and functionalities of the Ventis AJe 6kW cutter, it is also worth paying attention to the new AMNC 4ie control system. It is designed for easier machine operation and faster processing thanks to a more powerful processor. Thanks to reduced energy consumption and small size, the Ventis-AJe 6kW laser cutting machine is an ideal machine to increase production.

ASTOR has been developing the idea of industry 4.0 in Poland for a decade

Automation, software, robotisation and intralogistics. The combination of these elements makes up Industry 4.0. You will be able to see this synergy in action on 4-7 June during the ITM Industry Europe fair at the ASTOR stand.

ASTOR’s presence at the ITM Industry Europe fair is an opportunity to look at what Industry 4.0 technologies currently look like and how they have changed since the announcement of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. – This year marks exactly 10 years since the world premiere of the Industry 4.0 initiative. And because we like to be pioneers in various areas, the ASTOR team has been strategically involved in the development of this idea in Poland since 2014 – both in the context of education and the creation of new solutions. During this time, we worked on market research, prepared 4 expert whitepaper publications, created the Engineer 4.0™ concept, introduced the ADMA digital maturity research methodology to Poland, helped build 4.0 strategies, co-run MBA programmes in this area, and built 2 technology showrooms where we so far have trained over 4,000 people. Together with our partners, we also co-create hub4industry – a European hub for digital innovations. – says Jarosław Gracel, president of ASTOR and adds: – The idea of Industry 4.0 also influenced the development of our organisation and the shape of the company’s current business strategy. Trade fairs are always an excellent opportunity to present the results of the work of our teams and partners. And a lot has changed in our country over the past decade. This is the first time in history that we are exhibiting at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. Together with our Partners, we will show our new face, which are 4 technological business lines: automation, industrial software, robotisation and intralogistics. ASTOR partners from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe will appear at the stand. New brands of solutions in the field of intralogistics and robotisation will be presented.

At the ASTOR stand, visitors will be able to see live, among others: operation of the automated end of the production line consisting of the EtE®flow Pallet Cell 500 palletising cell, the Agilox mobile robot and the EtE®flow end of line system based on Astraada controllers. The new version of the A-Frame solution from ASTOR’s partner – IntherGroup – may also attract attention. This is an innovative, fully automated solution for fulfilling orders consisting of small, quickly rotating items.

There will also be software in the form of IT systems from AVEVA, including AVEVA PI System, which is distributed by ASTOR from this year. It allows access and extensive analysis of data from many different sources and locations. There will also be robotic stations from Kawasaki Robotics, Epson and a CNC milling machine built on Astraada components along with the Astorino educational robot, which supports the education of robotics students in over 40 facilities in Poland and around the world.


The next edition of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, and the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair will take place on 4–7 June 2024 on MTP Poznan Expo fairgrounds. A few weeks before the fair, over four hundred exhibitors have already confirmed their participation and this number is gradually growing.