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Hitting the nail on the head


Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, talks about the previous edition of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, industry expectations and plans for 2023.

Although there is still a lot of time to the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, now is a good time to sum up...

The last weeks have been very intense for us. We thoroughly analysed the profile of visitors to this year's fair, but most of all it was a time of talks and meetings with exhibitors, which are of great importance to us. It is the most important indication in which direction to go and what to emphasise in the upcoming edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE. We listen carefully to our exhibitors, partners and guests. Knowing the current expectations of the industry helps a lot in the preparation of trade fairs that hit the nail on the head when it comes to meeting market needs. For the fair team, the moment of completing one edition is also the beginning of work on the next one. This is a process that requires commitment at every stage.

Who attended the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair this year?

The vast majority (over 40%) are people who make key decisions in companies. They include presidents, owners, directors and heads of technology departments. A large proportion (25%) of participants are technologists and constructors. Their presence is essential, because they later use the latest technologies and work on the machines and devices presented at the fair. According to our data, the ITM fair is visited by representatives of large companies (30%), but also medium-sized (35%) and small (20%) enterprises. This is reflected in discussions with exhibitors. They confirm that their stands in Poznań are often visited by professionals with a ready idea and vision of cooperation. That is why most of the leaders have already announced their participation in next year's edition. We realise that troubled times are still with us, so we appreciate this trust all the more.

First the pandemic, then the war in Ukraine, now inflation... The event industry has been uphill for several years?

It is true that we do not lack challenges. That is why we are glad that the brand of MTP Poznań Expo has an established position. In unstable times, this is certainly extremely helpful. However, we are constantly working to achieve this success, and to a large extent it is built by our exhibitors and partners. We greatly appreciate their commitment. It is them who together with us create ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and we owe them the title of the most important industrial fair in this part of Europe. It is confirmed by statistics. This year we hosted 581 exhibitors and had 11,687 visitors. We hear a lot about the impending recession and slowdown in industry, but the latest data from the Central Statistical Office is quite optimistic. The value of sold industrial production in July was higher than in the previous year. Compared to June last year, the results of most industrial sectors also improved, including machines and devices, as well as metal products. We follow what is happening in the industry, we talk to companies that share with us their observations on the current situation. Therefore, the program of the fair will also be adapted to the current needs and expectations.

Do you already know what events will accompany the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair in 2023?

We will certainly continue the organisation of the Industry Next Congress. The third edition of this event will involve more practice, and will be focused on automation and the latest technologies used in production. On the second day of the Congress, we are planning workshops with the participation of our regular partners: Poznań Science and Technology Park, and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre. This guarantees a large dose of knowledge related to AI and digitisation in industry. There are still too few such solutions in Polish factories, and in unstable times they often guarantee the continuity of production. There will also be spectacular shows in the field of industrial automation and robotisation. In the next edition, we also plan to significantly increase the exhibition space and expand the industry scope.

Grupa MTP used the time of the pandemic for investments. What might surprise visitors in 2023?

We are particularly pleased that next year we will provide our guests with greater comfort. We are finishing the investment of the underground car park on the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo, which will be available for use this autumn. We hope that 650 new parking spaces will make logistics much easier. By the date of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, the overground part will also be ready. A special food court will be built above the modern car park. Due to the fact that our fairs are organised in the most beautiful calendar time, it is there that we will guarantee a place for chill-out. You will be able to leave the halls full of working machines during the break and enjoy the spring weather.