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Quo vadis industry? Forecasts for the industry at the ITM fair


A year of challenges for the Polish industry − this is the slogan of the second edition of the Industry Next Congress accompanying the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. On the first day of the event, discussion panels will be held and the second day will be filled with practical workshops. Representatives of key industrial sector institutions have already confirmed their participation in the Congress. However, this is only part of the extensive programme of the fair.

THE INDUSTRY NEXT CONGRESS is an innovative project promoting the global development of industry 4.0. The project was initiated in 2021 by the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair team and Grupa MTP. The success of the event, attended by several hundred people, prompted the organisers to continue working on the programme.

While preparing this year’s edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, we are aware of the very dynamically changing reality. The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine prompted us to adapt the subject of the Industry Next Congress to the current situation. Therefore, the programme of the event will be devoted to the challenges faced by the Polish industry − announces Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of ITM Industry Europe.

Expert forecasts

Representatives of the ministry and leading organisations and companies in the industrial sector will discuss Poland’s industrial strategy in the context of perturbations on the raw materials market, relocation of European industry and new export directions. − We have all seen how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the supply chain and how logistics has gained importance during this time. An important aspect in the context of the relocation of European industry is also the geopolitical system, trade conflicts, and now − the war in Ukraine caused by Russia. The key factors are not only production costs, but also a number of conditions, which should be called the general security of production and supply. In the current situation, I see an opportunity for an increase in demand for Polish products, but to take advantage of it, it is necessary to ensure efficient and timely digitisation of Polish enterprises. Industry 4.0 is a slogan that continues to appear in discussions about the future of the economy. Accurate monitoring of processes and analysis of collected data are one of the tools that increase the efficiency and, at the same time, the competitiveness of the market. The company I run, IPT Fiber, is working on the implementation of a seven-core optical fibre − a breakthrough solution that enables a significant increase in data transmission. The photonic market is booming at an incredibly dynamic pace, with growth rates higher than other advanced technologies. 5G networks, the Internet of Things, intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence need modern, safe and efficient networks, ensuring higher and higher data transmission. Therefore, developed in cooperation with our partners from the InPhoTech group, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and with the support of the Photonics and Optical Fibre Cluster, Polish new generation multicore optical fibre is such an important solution for the industry. This remarkable implementation potential is already appreciated by representatives of the promising industries: telecommunications, ICT and entrepreneurs of the future, who base their production lines on applications, IP protocol and the use of artificial intelligence − says Krzysztof Witoń, CEO of IPT Fiber, speaker of the Industry Next 2022 Congress in the panel ‘Relocation of the European industry as an opportunity for Polish companies’.

The war in Ukraine also strongly affects the raw materials market, which will be widely discussed during the Congress.

In this cruel conflict, Russia will lose a lot in the long run. It has been completely cut off from the supply of advanced technologies and at the same time the intellectual elite is leaving its country, and these are the necessary resources that determine whether a given economy will be competitive. A country devoid of such solutions is starting to regress, and for such a large player it can prove devastating. It should also be a lesson for us to start to realistically invest in the development of innovation in Poland and make our national goods be intellectual property and developed know-how. − comments Tomasz Nasiłowski, PhD Eng., CEO, InPhoTech, speaker at the Congress in the panel ‘Poland’s industrial strategy in the context of perturbations on the raw materials market’.

The discussion on the first day of the Congress will be attended by, inter alia, speakers from the Ministry of Development and Technology, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, InPhoTech Sp. z o. o., KGHM Polska Miedź, IPT Fiber, the Metal Processing Cluster, the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Business digitisation at Industry Next workshops

The INDUSTRY NEXT workshops, which will take place on the second day of the Congress, are practical presentations and the possibility of using the latest technologies in industrial companies. The workshop programme is created with the support of strategic partners: Poznań Science and Technology Park and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre under a common slogan: EDIH HPC4Poland − DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF INDUSTRY − DATAWEEK 2022.

Speakers will talk about all aspects of digitisation of enterprises. Participants will learn about examples of implementations of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in companies in Western Europe and the USA, and will learn more about the digitisation of supply chains. Experts will also present good commercialisation practices of technologies supporting the digitisation of industry. The following issue will appear: AR digital twin visual − virtual reconfiguration of workstations in production and IoT Tools and examples of their applications.

An impressive edition of the ITM fair

This year’s edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE promises to be impressive, the event has already been attended by over 500 companies, industry leaders, whose stands will be open for 4 days, from 31 May to 3 June. The group of exhibitors includes: DMG MORI POLSKA, GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS, YAMAZAKI MAZAK CENTRAL EUROPE, DEMATEC, HIGH TECHNOLOGY MACHINES, MACHINE TOOLS INTERNATIONAL, SCHUNK INTEC, TRUMPF POLSKA, AMADA, KIMLA, DIG ŚWITAŁA, POL-SVER, BOSCHERT POLSKA, ADIGE, SIEMENS, KUKA CEE, FANUC POLSKA, YASKAWA POLSKA, ASTOR, MITUTOYO POLSKA, and CARL ZEISS. The extensive exhibition allows you to learn about current trends in all key industries. These are, among others: Metalworking machines, Tools, Industrial automation, Robotics, Metallurgy, Foundry, Welding and cutting, Surface treatment, Additive technologies, Software, Industrial metrology.

The ITM fair will be accompanied by demonstrations of machines, robots, additive technologies, as well as discussion panels and workshops. The times of digital twins and artificial intelligence have come − that’s why these topics will resonate strongly in the fair’s agenda. For the first time at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair, there will be a currently very popular topic concerning the commercialisation of space technologies and their transfer to the non-space sector. The discussion panel will be chaired by experts from the Union of Space Sector Employers. In turn, in cooperation with the Krakow Technology Park, we will show innovative startups. KPT ScaleUP is a leading Polish accelerator of Industry 4.0, which will organise this unique innovation zone. There will also be premiere shows for enthusiasts of additive technologies. We will present the latest solution for comprehensive quality control of large-size facilities. The SMARTTECH3D company will use the luxury Tesla S3 model to show the possibilities of its new measurement solution for large facilities. This is not the only such a spectacular vehicle, because another exhibitor, ITA, will perform a racing car scan at the fair using laser 3D scanners. The topics of the most promising trends in the use of 3D printing in the development of new hardware technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology and energy will also be discussed. In addition, together with our industry partner, DBR77, we will take participants on a journey to a virtual factory. There, everyone will be able to see closely and learn about the individual processes, exactly as if they were in a production plant. It is only a part of an attractive programme that adds value to this year’s impressive exhibition of ITM Industry Europe. For more knowledge and inspiration, we invite you to Poznań! − Anna Lemańska-Kramer, Director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, convinces to participate in the events.

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair will be held from 31 May to 3 June 2022 on the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit at the same time the exhibition of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair and the Focast Foundry Forum. The fair will also be accompanied by a two-day INDUSTRY NEXT Congress (31 May – 1 June 2022).