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ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE is the leading trade fair in Poland where the offer of Polish and global industry, whose products and services are in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is extensively presented. It is a key meeting-spot for the exchange of technological experience amongst the leaders of the innovation sector.


A mine of knowledge and a comprehensive offer for the industry

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, MODERNLOG, SUBCONTRACTING and the Work Safety in Industry Exhibition have the power of attraction...

There is no modern industry without science

Advanced activity of universities and research centres leads to technological innovations. Cooperation between science and...

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE folder in a nutshell!

Would you like to receive information on the next edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2023 in a nutshell? Download and browse...

Hitting the nail on the head

Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, talks about the previous edition of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair...

See a short film from the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair!

It is not easy to capture as many as four days of the fair in a short video report. We made it. Watch the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE...

ITM fair full of inspiration

The energy of business “face to face” meetings is back in full force at MTP Poznań Expo. The exhibition halls were filled...

Quo vadis industry? Forecasts for the industry at the ITM fair

A year of challenges for the Polish industry − this is the slogan of the second edition of the Industry Next Congress accompanying...

See the exhibition map of this year's fair

See the current map of the ITM Industry Europe block, including Modernlog, Subcontracting and Focast Foundry Forum.

Gold medals ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022 awarded!

Traditionally, even before the start of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, we get to know the winners of one of the most prestigious...

A recipe for the success of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022

A kaleidoscope of new solutions for industry, additive technologies, discussion panels, robotisation workshops, as well as...

Leaders of the innovation sector will appear in Poznań

The condition of the Polish industry positively surprises economists. This sector is extremely resistant to the crisis related...

Fight for the Gold Medal MTP 2022!

Only until 30 April you can enter the Gold Medal MTP at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022. This is a unique award that has built...

Additive technologies at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE

At the initiative of exhibitors and partners associated with the 3D SOLUTIONS trade fair, the entire exhibition of additive...



The CONGRESS is an innovative project promoting the global development of industry 4.0, organized by team of ITM Industry Europe. Initiated by Grupa MTP with the support of the Ministry of Development, the project is a knowledge-based event focusing on the latest technologies. All lectures are conducted in Polish.

Next edition in 2023!



Car park PWK

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The largest underground car park in Poznań! It will accommodate 650 cars.

Idea Expo


Trust the experience! We've been constructing fair stands with passion for over 30 years! Our offer includes constructing and designing, as well as unusual solutions that suits your needs!

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Inside the three-level complex there are spacious rooms, the character of which evolves with the vision and needs of guests: Saffron, Vanilla, Tabasco and Cinnamon. The meeting space is complemented by two restaurants: Basilico Bistro - offering express lunches and Oregano and Wine - a fine dining restaurant.

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